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Training Services

Training services of GLOBAL SERVICES Ltd Cameroon concern following items:

· Services quality:
The purpose is to check and find for each fir, mechanisms to implement correct procedures and administration in order to ensure all the time, the services quality to customers.

· Internal communication:
The purpose of this subject is to help employees to develop constructive communication between them, which can save time and money to the concerned firm.

· Management of managers:
The purpose of this topic is to help top management to work with sub managers not as simple employees, but as co-managers

· Self management:
This part is to help each people in his personal development in order to ensure personal and professional success and happiness.

· Mind building:
This item is to help people to change negative mind to positive and constructive one.

· Accounting and Financial Training:
Provide practical training for all finance and accounting aspects. Download a programm!