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Ports informations

This is a short list of our most frequently questions


Base buoy is the buoy where in theory the pilot boards the vessel.
Same named B9: 3°54’11”/9°32’20”.
It is the place where ships are asked to wait for the pilot (anchoring area) - as soon as they arrive at that position ships inform port control.
In practice the pilots never go out to that buoy, they always ask the ships to proceed into the channel.
The vessel arriving Douala, is requested to closely keep contact with Douala port control VHF Chanel 16, for instructions.
The entries/sailings go mostly together with the high tides, so pilots take out a ship and bring in another.
They usually ask the incoming ship to proceed and then they switch ships half-way or wherever they cross.
So outgoing ships also are not piloted up to base buoy.
From our experience, all ships comply with pilots' request (although Masters do have comments on that!) Pls be guided.


Kribi port a little port, offering about 250m of berth (jetty) with draft of 1.5m. There is a Marina in front offering about 200m of jetty. The main traffic is wood logs using barges from quay to vessel anchored offshore Following ports details:
- IDN: 16540
- ONU Code: CMKBI – Long 09° 54’ 20” / Lat 02° 56’ 20”
- Anchorage location: 2° 36’ 37’’ North – 9° 53’ 35’’ East
to be confirmed case by case by TEP for non commercial vessels.
Vessels may anchor on roads abt 1.5 miles from the coast.
- Depth: low tide at 8m and high tide from 9m to 12m
- Ballast: Deballasting (clean ballast) subject to pilot approval
- Water density: 0.08665mg/liter
- Distance from Douala: 170 km – 02 hours drive
Documents required on arrival (at least 03 copies each)
There is a deep sea port in construction and to be completed in 2014.


Limbe port is a constituted of: - TIKO port: wharf of 135m, main traffic to Equatorial Guinea - BOTA port: wharf of 120m, 80m berth, draft 3.5 high tide, main traffic to Nigeria - SONARA berths: for petroleum vessel, draft 10m - CNIC berth (dry dock national C°): draft 10m There is a deep sea port project but still not started


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