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Agency Services

The General Manager is UNCTAD certified in port management, and is a Cameroon leading personality in agency services as he worked since last 15 years as agent for Setramar, CMACGM, Grimaldi line, Conti Line, Asiatic shipping, Alcatel, EGS…, and as agent senior project manager for WACS project, ACE project, Kribi deep sea port geophysical survey, Monbe Gaz research project…. Our customer can benefit his very large Cameroon relationship too. Global services Ltd Cameroon can provide following agency services, ensuring customer’s full satisfaction.

o Owner’s representative:
- Vessel’s Owner/manager should have his own agent, separated from the charterer agent,in order to protect vessel owner’s specific interests.
- Vessel’s owner/manager can instruct us, and we will act w/o need in advance the usual charterer approval

o Business & Commercial representative:
Any firm planning to make or making business in Cameroon can start using our representative office. We will assist and act locally according to his instructions and on his behalf, providing regular reports.

o Offshore project representative:
Offshore projects needs specifics care and follow up, with very rigorous procedures requiring experienced agents.

o Cameroon Hub agent for ship’s agency, stevedoring, cargo handling, warehousing,Cargo transport and forwarding services:
In order to avoid our customer to deal and contact several C° for separate services, Global services Ltd Cameroon is acting as local hub agent, using its partnership network to provide all local services needed in one go.

o PDA, FDA and vouchers control:
On request of some customers (Owner and charterer), Global services Ltd Cameroon is checking many PDA, FDA and vouchers from Cameroonians ship’s agent to ensure that correct port rates/tariffs has been invoiced.

o Airport meet & greet
o Hotel booking and transport Airport/city/airport
o Vessel ops control & report
o Crew assistance
o Meeting & Business arrangements
o Informations checking